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Not updating my website! Haha!

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble side stage at Halifax Jazz Festival 2014

Side Stage at HFJ2014

I had the pleasure of working the Halifax Jazz Festival as Production/Stage Management Coordinator with some amazing folks, including Lulu Healy, David Muise, Kathleen Higgins, and Pat Coleman. What a great experience for me and my career, I met and worked along side so many great artists, volunteers, SoundSystemsPlus techs, and festival staff.  Lulu said she wants me back, so if I’m not too busy next year I’d love to do it all again!!


Also been working with Chris Lauzon (a fellow NSCC graduate in Recording Arts) to demo up a bunch of my own songs.  Things are starting to sound surprisingly good and we’re enjoying the experience so much we’ve been thinking of taking this Carnivore Studios thing a lot more seriously!   On the horizon: construction and soundproofing, as well as increasing the mic supply!

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a screen shot of a song we've been working on