A New Year!

Hey folks in internet land!

Just want to say hi and that I’m very thankful for all the work that I was involved with in 2015.  My career is taking off and I owe it to all my employers, like Rockbound Productions, Music Nova Scotia, Halifax Jazz Fest, The Carleton/HUFF, Halifax Music Co-op, and Georgia Richards.  Here’s to an amazing 2016 for us all.



How Time Flies

It’s been a busy summer–despite the fact that I made a promise to myself and even put it in my calendar to work on my site every week… it’s been 3 months since I’ve added any content! I guess that’s a sign that I’ve been too busy working.. a good thing!

Halifax Jazz Festival was a blast again, thanks to all my volunteers who made this year even better than last! There were a couple of standouts from DaVinci College who I’m sure will do well in the future and who i’m excited to work with again.

Working Halifax Urban Folk Fest (HUFF) again this year as volunteer coordinator with old friends and new. Sadly I won’t be here for the closing weekend as I had a trip to Newfoundland already planned. Jason, my star co-coordinator from Jazz Fest will be stepping in yet again to save me!

It’s great working with volunteers, you meet some great folks. Especially when they are young students in audio and music courses, because you know that you’ll be working with them again and makes me hopeful for the future!

The Time is NOW

Hey hey hey,

All is good.  Things are happening!

I’m again working as Stage Management Coordinator for Halifax Jazz Festival with the wonderful team there.  Excited for this year’s festival, lots of cool changes!

Recording a demo with my band BurgerFriesPop and it’s going great, sounding really good and I’m really happy with my performance too!

Also new opportunities on the horizon.. .  new stuff has come to light just today.. . more later!

The Current ‘Sitch

Halifax Urban Folk Fest was a blast and a great educational experience… now it’s back to reality!  Catching up on some graphic design work, emails, website updates, drum practice, and really should get back to recording!

I’ve also been nominated for the Music Nova Scotia Volunteer of the Year Award!!!!  Wow, what an amazing honour….  Big congrats to all the other nominees, with a special nod to my classmate Kelsey Butt, and teacher Craig Mercer, both who totally deserve the recognition too!

This month’s forecast: Graphic Design, A Birthday Party, Maritime Hard Rock & Metal Fest 2, recording some new Cirrhosis tunes, and generally the profound happiness of being in control of my own life!


What I’ve been up to.. .

Not updating my website! Haha!

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble side stage at Halifax Jazz Festival 2014

Side Stage at HFJ2014

I had the pleasure of working the Halifax Jazz Festival as Production/Stage Management Coordinator with some amazing folks, including Lulu Healy, David Muise, Kathleen Higgins, and Pat Coleman. What a great experience for me and my career, I met and worked along side so many great artists, volunteers, SoundSystemsPlus techs, and festival staff.  Lulu said she wants me back, so if I’m not too busy next year I’d love to do it all again!!


Also been working with Chris Lauzon (a fellow NSCC graduate in Recording Arts) to demo up a bunch of my own songs.  Things are starting to sound surprisingly good and we’re enjoying the experience so much we’ve been thinking of taking this Carnivore Studios thing a lot more seriously!   On the horizon: construction and soundproofing, as well as increasing the mic supply!

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a screen shot of a song we've been working on



I’m on work term from NSCC at the lovely East Coast Music Association.  Pretty awesome folks here and it’s exciting to be part of a large organization like this!

I love working with Andria, Rose, Andy, and Kathryn.

I think I might apply for the Artist and Member Relations Manager position. . we’ll see.  Not sure if office life is the life for me. . .